Work at Home Projects – Want Extra Income With Work at Home Projects?

Tired of getting stuck in traffic commuting to your everyday 9-5 job? Tired of having no money left over to save for a nice vacation or your retirement? Want to know simple work at home projects that can earn you some extra cash?

The internet can be very generous to those who treat it like a business. And when I say generous, I don’t mean a couple bucks here and there, I mean enough money to leave your 9-5 boring job and be happy with your work at home projects. To lead into an exciting opportunity I have been informed of, let me first let you know some ideas that can get you started.

Work At Home Projects:

1) Blogs- They have been around since the start of the internet, but when used properly blogs can build you traffic, leads and credibility in the online world. In turn making you more money.

2) Article Writing- Another long time facet of the internet. When you realize you have a lot to give on any topic that is close to you, writing and submitting articles can be very prosperous.

3) Affiliate Marketing- This can be somewhat confusing and may take awhile to get used to the idea of promoting other products, but once you get the hang of these work a home projects, there’s no telling how much you can make online.

These are just a sample of work at home projects that can get you well on your way to earning some extra income.

But, there is one more thing, the most important thing, that I want to mention.

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10 Steps to a Successful Fundraiser

Although fundraising seems like a frequent and simple task, there are far too many common mistakes made while running one. That’s where I come in: This is your 10 step guide to running a successful fundraiser.

1. Reasons for Fundraising
Without a will there is no way. Whether your school needs a new playground, a cheaper field trip or new sports equipment a fundraiser is the way to go. If you’re raising just for some extra money, people are less willing to participate. If, however, there is a good reason to fund raise, to better benefit the children, participants will be much more generous. A reason is the key aspect of school fundraising because without a reason, there is no real need for the fundraiser.

2. Fundraising Personnel
There are many decisions to be made, and responsibilities to be taken: fundraisers wouldn’t function without volunteers. The PTA or PTO generally organize these events and as a team a successful fundraiser could be held. Without the fundraising personnel, certain key aspects wouldn’t be worked out such as:

* Picking the fundraiser

* Sending out order forms

* Collecting/depositing money and

* Delivery

It is up to a great team to meet your goals, which brings me to my next point…

3. Goals
Unrealistic goals can bring plenty of disappointment. Set goals that are appropriate; base these goals on your past fundraisers, children’s general motivation etc. A major problem is setting goals that don’t seem worth even trying for. A reasonable goal that all teachers, parents and children could manage will lead to confidence, a key sales skill!

4. Products
Products are also very important in a fundraiser. Selling child-adult appropriate products such as books or cookie dough are far more popular than say, socks. Picking the right company with the appropriate products can mean more sales, and we all know what more sales means.

5. Decide how to raise the money
There’s the old fashion door-to-door, there’s also product sales through catalog, or a classic bake sale. Some ways can be more successful than others; if you have friendly and generous neighbors, the door-to-door is best. Bake sales are good but don’t generally make as much money. Once you’ve decided your products, and how to raise the money, you can begin to promote your fundraiser.

6. Promotion
If nobody knows that there is a fundraiser, what are the chances that they’ll participate. The more advertising done, the more successful your event will be. With tons of advertising, two benefits come along: Firstly, the idea gets stuck in their head, guilting them to buy more. The other benefit is that the more they know about the fundraiser, the more willing they are to pay up. Knowing details reassures them, and lets them feel more in charge. By knowing exactly where the money is going etc. they are more free with their money. Also, the fundraiser needs to be promoted to the children, to excite them, getting the pumped up to succeed!

7. Media
Media can help you earn some more cash, if you’re even simply mentioned in a local newspaper, more customers will notice this, and urge to donate/purchase. By simply drawing up a press release, more promotions will be made. Being on TV can also excite and encourage the students.

8. Asking Questions
Asking yourself appropriate and important questions are very important especially when it comes to hidden costs:

* What is the guarantee for the product?

* Is there/what is the shipping cost?

* How much profit per item do we receive?

* When will we receive our payment?

* What type of payments will be accepted?

* How long until the products arrive?

* How will they be sorted and packaged for delivery?

* What are our deadlines?

9. Timing
If one neighbor is visited at 4pm by student A and decides to buy 2 chocolate bars to support A’s fundraiser, when student B comes at 4:30pm, he’d of already bought what he wanted. This theory also works on a larger scale; therefore, the sooner your fundraiser is done (in the fall) the better. In order to have as much revenue as possible, a second-third week of September fundraiser will be a great success. Also this way the students don’t need to freeze in the later months! Timing is also important to ensure payments are all received on time and shipments all meet their deadlines. Timing has to do with organization, bringing me to my final step to a successful fundraiser.

10. Organization
We have been taught to organize since kindergarten, so this seems like a simple thing to do, however as members of PTA etc. many projects on the go can mean being disorganized. Not all the responsibility can be put on the kids – Teachers must have the kids obey all deadlines to ensure easy communication with the company and with the parent-customers.


How Single Level and Multi-Level Affiliate Program Commissions Differ

Not all affiliate program commission structures are the same. The two most common, of course, are the single level and multi-level structures. The single affiliate program commission type consists of an affiliate earning a percentage of money for every item he or she sells. That percentage can be anywhere from 10%-75% of the item’s worth!

Some programs, though, pay affiliates and their downlines as well. This is referred to as multi-level marketing, and it’s the process of paying not only direct affiliates, but their referrals too. The leading affiliate can earn a 50% affiliate program commission for every sale he or she makes, and can also earn a smaller percentage for every sale made from the downline.

While it does sound like a great money making opportunity, multi-level marketing can be very time consuming. In order for downlines to be successful, leading affiliates need to train everyone on their team.

If you’re new to the internet marketing business, you should start off with the regular affiliate program commission structure. You need to get started going yourself first before working with a team. It may take awhile before you earn your first commission, but if you take the time to learn and to plan, you’ll be earning commissions in no time at all.

When choosing a program to sign up for, learn all you can about how they all differ. Understand your options and ask others for advice. There are many helpful internet marketers out there that will be glad to help you make that first affiliate program commission. You can read internet business blogs, ask for help on internet marketing forums, download and read ebooks and articles about how to earn that first commission and then some, etc.

Selecting a product to endorse can be just as confusing as choosing the programs that offer the products. You shouldn’t always try to sell the most expensive products you come across, though. Sometimes smaller online businesses are more generous than larger ones. Which business is the most generous and which is the cheapest: one that offers a 35% affiliate program commission on a $40 product, or one that offers 10% on a $100 product?

Obviously the first business takes affiliate marketing pretty seriously, and you’ll more than likely have a positive experience with that type of program. Make sure, though, that the product is something people would be willing to pay for. If you couldn’t see yourself paying for a particular product at its offered price, then how can you expect anyone else to?


Sour Cream, Butter and Lemon Pound Cake

This Sour Cream, Butter and Lemon Pound Cake recipe goes back a couple of generations. It was my husband’s grandmother’s recipe for an old-fashioned Sour Cream, Butter and Lemon Pound Cake. My mother-in -law taught me how to make it. It’s almost foolproof with its easy directions. (She nicknamed it her “One-step Pound Cake.”) When it comes to good tasting cakes, this is a reliable show stopper! This cake has been served to many people from all over the world, and they all rave about it and it’s addicting flavors.

I have a funny story to tell you about this cake.

A major incident happened that became part of the “McGourty Folklore.”This happened a month or so before my husband and I were married –when I was still getting “to know” my future family.

One day while I was staying with his parents, in Aptos California making preparations for our upcoming wedding at the Santa Cruz Mission, I was helping my husband’s mother with the cleaning of the household. I was finishing up my chores while she was busily making something for dinner. She realized that she needed to make a quick trip to the grocery store for some ingredients for that night’s dinner. As she was leaving the house, she told me “Susie you’re the only one that I can trust to take care of my cake, please take the cake out when the timer goes off.”

My father-in-law, who was very intimidating to me at the time and never seemed to crack a smile was sitting at the kitchen table talking with his closest friend (and brother-in-law) Uncle Jack. I finished up what I was doing and waited for the timer to go off. The timer went off; I got the hot pads, and opened the oven door. There I saw a cake in a tube pan that looked just like an Angel Food Cake. Quickly I asked my father-in-law where I could find an empty Coke bottle. He looked at me in bewilderment and asked what I needed a Coke bottle for? I said “there’s an Angel Food Cake in the oven and it needs to be inverted” (which is standard for angel food cakes while they cool). So he motioned me toward the pantry.

In the pantry, I found an awfully old and dusty Coke bottle. So I grabbed it and quickly washed it and inverted the heavy cake over the neck of the bottle. Now my husband-to-be had told me that his mother was a great cook, but try as she might, his mother just couldn’t make an Angel Food Cake. From the “heaviness” of this cake I thought that it definitely wasn’t a good Angel Food Cake! Then I started to leave the kitchen to go to see what my betrothed and his siblings were doing in the game room.

All of a sudden, behind me there was a huge crash-bang-boom. I looked around and saw my father-in-law and Uncle Jack with big ear-to-ear “bunny rabbit smiles and laughter” on their faces as the cake and the bottle had fallen and split all over the counter and the floor. Then I heard running feet. I watched in horror as my future husband and his siblings sampled the fallen cake pieces on the counter as they picked up the remaining pieces on the floor.

“Oh MY God” I screamed! No-no we’ve got to put that back together! No I’ll make a new one!” What kind of Angel Food Cake is it?” It wasn’t an Angel Food Cake –far from it! It was this treasured recipe of his grandmother’s Pound Cake! Boy ! Was I ever embarrassed!”

There was one good thing about the “Pound Cake Incident” though. It really broke the ice with my father-in law. That’s how I figured out that he was just “testing me” and trying to see how much gruff I would take from him. He was really a softy down deep.

You’ll love this cake! –It’s so reliable! Not a Prima donna like a cheesecake! Your friends and family will love it! It serves AT LEAST ten to fifteen people. If you keep it refrigerated in a “cookie tin” it’ll keep for weeks. It is most yummy served with tea or coffee.

This cake tastes best made a day or two ahead of serving so the flavors intensify.

Preparation time: 30 minutes Cooking time: 1 hour and 10 minutes MAKES 10 SERVINGS.

Ingredients. (Best Results all ingredients should be at room temperature.)

1 Cup Unsalted softened butter
2 Cups Sugar
3 Extra-large Eggs , Lightly beaten
2-1/2 Cups All-purpose flour
1/4 teaspoons Salt
1/2 teaspoons Baking soda
1 teaspoons Lemon zest , (Grated lemon peel-generous amount)
1 teaspoons Vanilla extract , (generous)
1/2 teaspoons Nutmeg
1 Cup Sour Cream
Powdered sugar , for dusting and presentation

Preparation Directions.

Preheat oven to 325 degrees. The oven rack should be in upper half of oven.
Combine ingredients in a large mixer bowl in order of ingredients.
Blend well, scraping up the bottom of the bowl to get all the ingredients dispersed well throughout the mixture.
Set timer and beat the mixture THREE minutes at medium speed. Scrape well to make sure all ingredients are combined evenly.
Pour into a greased (with Crisco)and floured tube pan.
Bake at 325 degrees 60-to 70 minutes or until cake springs back when touched lightly in center.
Cool the cake upright in pan for 15 minutes or so.
After fifteen minutes cooling, carefully run a thin knife around the outer circumference of the tube pan, as well as around the inner tube itself. Rap the pan a couple of times on the counter. Then invert on a cake cooling rack for complete cooling.
When cake is room temperature, lightly sprinkle some powder sugar over the cake for presentation.
To place on serving plate, invert cake once to another plate, then again for final placement on the serving plate.
Store in a “cookie tin.”